Shri Ramsamartha

Chaitanya Hospital

50 beded Chaitanya Hospital is constructed and run by Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir (i.e. Chaitanyopasana)

About 80 eminent Surgeons, Physicians, well qualified, having their own hospitals, elsewhere in Maharashtra are inspired by Shri Maharaj, who offer their services humbly once in a month to the hospital, without charging professional fees/honorarium.

In addition, the Trust charges absolutely nothing for entire medical services provided to the poor, downtrodden patients especially from draught prone areas near by, no charges for pathological test, x-rays, sonography, operations pre&post operative care etc., complete care is taken till the patient is discharged. More than 1500 operations of various nature are performed and more than 15,000 OPD. are attended to every year.

The hospital caters services in all disciplines except Heart & Cancer diseases,. as no other competent hospital is in nearby vicinity to backup health when needed.